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Cool Site for Internet Radio

Anyone interested in internet radio should go check this site out. It is called Radio-Forums.net and features various DJ’s broadcasting throughout the day and night. The site also features a large array of forums so you can register and share information, jokes or your ideas with a bunch of friendly people. It’s a well designed site that looks good and runs smoothly, the radio broadcasts are excellent quality with no real waits for buffering like other webcasts. Click on the link below or copy and paste into your browser to check it out.



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More Hot, Sexy & Gorgeous Celebrities

Ok due to the overwhelming trend of people only wanting to see hot looking women, I am adding some pics of some of the chicks I think are hot. Tell me who your favourite is. Enjoy.


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Riots Breakout at the G20 Summit

It’s a pity that some of the protesters at the G20 Summit turned violent. What could have been a peaceful protest helping to gain recognition for their cause turned into a media spectacle of how disgusting some people can be. All credibility for the protest was lost the moment things turned ugly and police were set upon. It also will have the effect of making it harder to now protest the next Summit peacefully, effectively they have played right into the hands of the bankers, corporations and organisations they protested against. The days of forceful revolutions and coups should be over. With the ease of information exchange we have available nowdays, there should be a push to change peoples ideas about the World and try to eliminate the hold that the Worlds banks, money lenders and governments have over us.

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Contradictions to Newtons Theory

Newtons theory of gravity says that ‘what goes up must come down’. I have found a few examples of things to suggest that this may not be the case.

Things which only go up:

  • Interest Rates
  • Politicians Salaries
  • World Population
  • Your Age

Please add your own ideas or comment on mine, tell me if you agree or disagree.

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Saddam Hussein Gets Butt Fucked By Bush

So Saddam Hussein gets sentenced to the death penalty, easy to see why the U.S wanted his trial held in Iraq. Charged with the murder of 130 or so people. Maybe George Bush should get charged for the murder of however many innocent people are dying because he invaded Iraq in the first place. How hypocritical can they get, makes a nice statement to the world……. Because Saddam was evil and murdered people, we invade the country kill/murder/rape a heap more people then condem Saddam to execution because he was so wrong to execute people in the first place. Nevermind the fact that hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered in Rwanda and Darfur etc while the UN stood by and watched. Where were the hollier than thou Americans to step in a rescue the people from brutal dictators then? Oh I forgot no Oil in Africa. I am not saying that Saddam should have been given community service and a slap on the wrist, however maybe life imprisonment would send a better statement to others that they will be held accountable for their actions. Death only makes him a martyr to others who would take up his cause and ridicules the morality of those who condem him.

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Cool Artwork By Alex Grey


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Why is the World So Screwed Up

Why is the World so screwed up, well I wish I had the answers. We have so totally raped this planet that in our generation we are starting to see the effects already. The major western governments are hell bent on declaring war on terror that they don’t even realise they are perpetrating such large scale acts of terror on whole countries themselves. Such huge amounts of money and resources are being spent on keeping troops posted in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, for what seems to me to be absolutely no effect other than further destabilising those countries and causing more upset. Meanwhile capitalism is continuing on it’s global domination. All anyone seems to care about now is money, how much can they get, how much can they save by cutting various costs and how much people can be manipulated to give it up. Just like most people I enjoy life’s comforts and desire for nice things and the new technologies that come out, but I am not willing to rip off, kill, scam, cheat and lie for it. All too often it seems the majority of people and companies are willing to do this.

If everyone could be more tolerant of each other opinions, views, religions and mistakes then maybe some real progress could be made. Nearly all religions have their areas where inhuman acts on others can be justified and condoned. It is not just Islam that employs violence as a method of defending ideals, Christianity has also done more than it’s fair share of blood letting for God. In ancient times it was the Islamics that were the forward thinkers and the moderates in the World, while Christians were killing heathens and burning witches, Islam was accepting all religions under their wing provided they believed in A God. We all need to let bygones be bygones. There is no point harbouring a grudge for so long that it embitters your soul and drives you to violence.

Australia should sign the Kyoto treaty and start being proactive in the search for alternative fuels and energies. We have such a vast resource of land, wind and sun here that we could be World leaders in producing environmentally friendly energy. Many people say that nuclear energy is the answer….. I am not so sure, it only takes one disaster such as Chernobyl to cause such catastrophic effects that it is too risky. Anyone that says ‘well that was in Russia, in the west things are done properly’ you need only look at Coode Island, had that been a nuclear plant that went up in smoke we would all now be dead or seriously ill.

We are becoming such a throw away convenience led society that we are becoming apathetic and lazy, the ‘smarter’ our technologies become the worse we become. How many jobs are now gone, taken over by robots and machines. No wonder we have such high levels of unemployment and subservience to government handouts. People have little pride in their work anymore because it is loosing it’s value in terms of actually contributing something other than money for the CEO’s, shareholders and Owners.

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound like a miserable prick, but this is just my two cents worth. Feel free to leave comments and tell me your opinion.

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The White Australia Policy Returns

Back in the Fifties Australia introduced a white Australia policy whereby they made it possible to filter out any immigrants they didn’t like by conducting literacy tests. The policy was scrapped years later for being discriminatory. Now the Howard government is looking to reinstate it with a few alterations. The proposal now is that all immigrants must sit a written and verbal literacy test also they will be tested on Australian history and culture. Should they fail the test their application also fails.

I can’t see how this is of any benefit. Surely people shouldn’t be discriminated against because they can’t read or write English or because their knowledge of Australian history is poor. If these rules were applied to many Australians now half the population would be kicked out of the country. How many natural born Australians have literacy problems? How many natural born Australians are completely ignorant to Australian history and culture? If our own population is lax in the knowledge we are now expecting immigrants to have then what hope is there for them. It’s just another way that racist, war mongering Johnnie Howard is fucking our country.

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Sexy Girls, Hot Girls and Bitches I’d Like To…….

Ok now I know the tittle of this may offend a few people, namely women…… oh well. Here is a list of some of the famous women I find sexy and if I was single would love to get with.

Jessica Alba

Scarlett Johannsen

Mandy Moore

My Wife (I already get to fuck her though)

Charlize Theron

Delta Goodrem

Anna Kornikova

Michelle Rodriguez

Alisha Keys

There are others but thats the main ones. tell me if you agree or who you would have added.

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More on the ‘Supermarket Menace’

Thanks to everyone who has been checking out my blog, and even more thanks to the people who are leaving comments on these topics. I can’t say I agree with all of the comments, however agree or disagree I love to hear what everyone has to say.

There are some additional points I would like to add to this topic. While I recognise the fact that Coles and Safeway have to protect there bottom line and provide the best profits they can, I question whether this has to come at such a cost to Australia. While I agree in theory it makes good business sense to be doing what they have, I take exception to them wielding so much power and making the demands they do. Safeway and Coles dictate to their suppliers a number of things, some of these are price, packaging, distribution and quality systems. Some of the demands that they place on companies are extortionate. Some companies simply cannot afford the new infra-structure needed to provide what they ask. All too often companies are being asked to reduce costs which comes usually at the expense of Australia and jobs. If local produce is more expensive it is changed for imported produce. If wage costs are too high, redundancies and sackings take place. The cost on companies in conforming to the Safeway audits are quite high and usually not needed as most places implement ISO 9000 or other forms of quality control. It is the megalomaniac mindset of the supermarkets that causes the damage. Safeway was recently trying to take on pharmacies and has recently bought out many IGA stores, some IGA still do remain independent. The decline of local green grocers toy stores and fruit and veg stores is apparent in many towns. This directly affects local areas as these stores generally give something back to their community and distribute local produce. If the supermarkets could be less cut throat, less worried about making record profits and more interested in supporting Australian made and local products while contributing back to the community then they would win back a lot of support.

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