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Fuck Censorship

Censorship is one of the biggest evils of the world today. Gradually all of our liberties and freedoms are being eroded by thin skinned puritans who love nothing more than controlling what people see, hear and read. It is getting so bad that even childrens nursery rhymes are being altered so that references to death and unhappy endings are no longer there. Even the language we use is being changed, the new guise of censorship is ‘Political Correctness” just another way people can get rid of any opinion or ideas that they don’t feel comfortable with. Everyone is too thin skinned now days, it is this lack of tolerance that is causing conflict throughout the world. I don’t see how hearing swear words, colour references, gender specific names etc is a bad thing. If people aren’t given a chance to express their opinion then it is another form of repression and discrimination. I don’t agree with actually treating anybody differently, whether it be due to colour, religion, politics, or sexual persuasion. However if we deny people the right to hear, see and say what they like then isn’t that just as bad.


September 5, 2006 - Posted by | censorship

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  1. It looks like we’re on the same level with more than just one thing…

    Censorship is for pussies and Christians looking to further brainwash their followers.

    IMO, it’s a parents job to get a child ready for the real world, not shelter them from it. The real world has, and always will have, stuff that isn’t something to jump up and down in joy for. Get used to it instead of closing your eyes.

    Comment by trucex | September 14, 2006

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