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Bush; the new Nazi

Is it just me or does George Bush appear more like a nazi everyday. He is engaging on his own world domination tour picking up where his dad left off in Iraq. On his list is Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Reminiscant of times of old during the vietnam war, where soldiers were sent to die to prevent the scourge of Communism throughout the world. Now it is terrorism, the new fear to spread among the people and the new excuse for wiping out any country or political leaders the US government doesn’t agree with. Any countries who say they won’t join in the war on terror gets told “your either with us or against us”. It doesn’t work that way, just because you don’t want to destroy a whole countries stability because they harbour a few terrorists doesn’t mean you support terrorism. It just means you aren’t a war mongering egotist who needs to blow crap out of anything he doesn’t like. Launching pre emptive strikes against people because so called intelligence suggests they may be planning something is terrorism in itself. If it wasn’t for this gung ho stance that the US takes with everything in the first place there wouldn’t be such threat of terrorism now. Had the US not stepped in and fucked over the Afghanistan war with Russia. Only to then promptly dropped the ball in the middle of the game and fuck off home, but still maintaining a military presence in areas they were asked to leave alone than Al Quaeda wouldn’t be so intent on harming them now. It’s the same in Iraq, they barged in and wiped out Hussein and have created such a vacuum of stability that the country is tearing itself apart with the onset of civil war. America creates these problems in the first place by starting a weapons race with Russia thus creating such a huge stockpile of missles and other weapons of mass destruction, Leading to the collapse of the USSR because all the money they had went to trying to win the cold war and the space race. So now a poor country is left with shit loads of weapons in a continent where there is more consummer demand than you can poke a stick at. America didn’t want to miss out on any money either so they put Hussein in place after driving out the Ayotola and sell him some guns and missles and stuff. Now after hussein gets arrogant and says fuck you america all of a sudden he is the bad guy and they go to war with him. These are only the recent events, they have done similar things in South America for years, look at Nicaragua, Cuba etc the list goes on and on. America even wages war on it’s own people with implementation of Eugenics on people secretly. Then the war on drugs and gangs.


September 6, 2006 - Posted by | 'War on Terrorism'


  1. The main difference between Bush’s and Hitler’s craziness is who’s getting killed. Instead of Jews, the Roma, and homosexuals, it’s civilian Muslims. And the terf, instead of being local, is halfway across the planet.

    Comment by Daijinryuu | September 14, 2006

  2. I’m American and I agree. Bush is trying to fulfill his own personal desires and not help the country at all. In fact, it’s quite obvious that his actions are all at the expense of the American people. I’m very surprised he has not yet been assasinated. It’s only a matter of time before it happens.

    The polls are coming up here in November…hopefully at least 51% of Americans pull their heads out of their asses and vote for a decent canidate or I’ll be moving to Australia myself.

    Comment by trucex | September 14, 2006

  3. Totally agree with your comments. If you look at what the USA is doing with FTA’s, this is another example of how they are trying to exert their influence on the rest of the world for the benefit of the themselves. If it is not for the benefit of large corporates in America, then they cannot see the value of helping. Just need to look at the response of the hurricane in the US!

    Comment by john | October 17, 2006

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