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Alternative Fuels

Is anyone else here sick of seeing people die, starve and become impoverished for oil? Why do we continue relying on it instead of joining forces to devise new alternatives or even assist to develop existing alternatives. Why is Australia under utilizing solar power? Why doesn’t the government offer subsidies for making bio diesel instead of imposing excises on it? How about regulating that cars being made and sold meet certain fuel efficiencies to prevent sheer waste of petrol for the sake of driving at speeds which are illegal anyway.

If everyone came upwith some ideas and technical boffins investigated them with goverment grants maybe we could solve our energy and fuel crisis. We have such a huge budget surplus at the moment I don’t think any voters would really mind several million dollars being spent on such projects.


September 15, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Dane, I am a believer that the problem with your post is that you have twice in it said that the government needs to give grants and support the development of alternative fuels. I have been working independently to market my own formula for increasing the oil and gas production from ‘stripper wells’ in the United States. While I thought at first, like you, and many others that “Please Mr. Government give me money and help me save the world from the Arabs, Islams or whatever or whoever you choose to pick.” I have been reading a lot of blogs on others thinking and how the government of ANY country does not want any solution to anything that will change the mindset of corporate giants that derive anything from oil or natural gas. In my opinion you seem quite intelligent and post your unedited thoughts and responses freely and without censure. If you piss off tooooooo many Government officials be assured that the ‘hammer’ will hit you in the temple and cause you lots of future freedom. My point is this. There is only one safe way to create any development for anything worthwhile. NEVER, NEVER get the government involved at any level for any amount of money or praise. You and I and hundreds of millions of people do give a damn and this is where the solutions come from. These people like you and I are the inventors and developers that keep freedom of speech and profit alive and well. I believe that if the government is left off the copy list, then our chance of development and success if far greater than having them involved. In the United States, it is Uncle Sam. He ain’t ever given me nottin’ except a tax bill for all the stupid shit they want to throw money at. And most of this money goes to the Ivy League universities that support the elections and other socially acceptable venues of finance.
    We need to find a few that want to develop an alternative and keep it simple. We will never replace oil as a fuel as there is more power in keeping it there than we will ever achieve from the btu’s of the energy.
    Just some of my brain cells clearing the ‘pissmeoff’ things.

    Comment by Don60USA | October 22, 2006

  2. Thanks for your comments Don60USA, unfortunately I think what you said is all too true. I wish it wasn’t the case and I wish the governments would be more concerned about improving the country and environment instead of improving their bank balances. I wish you luck with your endeavours and thanks for checking out my blog

    Comment by dane31 | October 22, 2006

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