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More on the ‘Supermarket Menace’

Thanks to everyone who has been checking out my blog, and even more thanks to the people who are leaving comments on these topics. I can’t say I agree with all of the comments, however agree or disagree I love to hear what everyone has to say.

There are some additional points I would like to add to this topic. While I recognise the fact that Coles and Safeway have to protect there bottom line and provide the best profits they can, I question whether this has to come at such a cost to Australia. While I agree in theory it makes good business sense to be doing what they have, I take exception to them wielding so much power and making the demands they do. Safeway and Coles dictate to their suppliers a number of things, some of these are price, packaging, distribution and quality systems. Some of the demands that they place on companies are extortionate. Some companies simply cannot afford the new infra-structure needed to provide what they ask. All too often companies are being asked to reduce costs which comes usually at the expense of Australia and jobs. If local produce is more expensive it is changed for imported produce. If wage costs are too high, redundancies and sackings take place. The cost on companies in conforming to the Safeway audits are quite high and usually not needed as most places implement ISO 9000 or other forms of quality control. It is the megalomaniac mindset of the supermarkets that causes the damage. Safeway was recently trying to take on pharmacies and has recently bought out many IGA stores, some IGA still do remain independent. The decline of local green grocers toy stores and fruit and veg stores is apparent in many towns. This directly affects local areas as these stores generally give something back to their community and distribute local produce. If the supermarkets could be less cut throat, less worried about making record profits and more interested in supporting Australian made and local products while contributing back to the community then they would win back a lot of support.


September 16, 2006 - Posted by | Supermarkets


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    Comment by serafin | October 23, 2006

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    Comment by Jexatheit | June 24, 2007

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