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The White Australia Policy Returns

Back in the Fifties Australia introduced a white Australia policy whereby they made it possible to filter out any immigrants they didn’t like by conducting literacy tests. The policy was scrapped years later for being discriminatory. Now the Howard government is looking to reinstate it with a few alterations. The proposal now is that all immigrants must sit a written and verbal literacy test also they will be tested on Australian history and culture. Should they fail the test their application also fails.

I can’t see how this is of any benefit. Surely people shouldn’t be discriminated against because they can’t read or write English or because their knowledge of Australian history is poor. If these rules were applied to many Australians now half the population would be kicked out of the country. How many natural born Australians have literacy problems? How many natural born Australians are completely ignorant to Australian history and culture? If our own population is lax in the knowledge we are now expecting immigrants to have then what hope is there for them. It’s just another way that racist, war mongering Johnnie Howard is fucking our country.


September 27, 2006 - Posted by | General


  1. For most of this I agree however the English speaking part is something which should be essential for all persons intending to live in this country. A person who wishes to live here should be able to speak so that they can communicate with people in places such as shops, banks, schools and other places where communication is essential. There may also be a need for them to call 000 where being able to speak english is almost essential and then there may be instances where they need to talk to and understand what emergency services are saying. There are translation services available to emergency workers in the course of their duties, but someone may die before translators arrive.

    I also think Johnnie Howard is doing an alright job at running the country, could be a little less invasive of middle east conflicts however troop deployments within our region (East Timor, Solomons(sp?)) are essential.

    Comment by Clemmo | September 27, 2006

  2. The language of this country is english. Not Arabic, not Greek, not Italian. And since you are so specific on this, why not check out the Mexican immigration laws? And the Netherlands?

    This has nothing to do with race(nice straw man, btw) and everything to do with the fact that all we are asking is that you come to this country, you leave your feuds behind, you speak our language and understand the culture you asre entering.

    We do not adapt to your requirements when you wish to be a citizen…you adapt to ours.

    This has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with attitude.

    Comment by Sonnabend | October 15, 2006

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