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Why is the World So Screwed Up

Why is the World so screwed up, well I wish I had the answers. We have so totally raped this planet that in our generation we are starting to see the effects already. The major western governments are hell bent on declaring war on terror that they don’t even realise they are perpetrating such large scale acts of terror on whole countries themselves. Such huge amounts of money and resources are being spent on keeping troops posted in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, for what seems to me to be absolutely no effect other than further destabilising those countries and causing more upset. Meanwhile capitalism is continuing on it’s global domination. All anyone seems to care about now is money, how much can they get, how much can they save by cutting various costs and how much people can be manipulated to give it up. Just like most people I enjoy life’s comforts and desire for nice things and the new technologies that come out, but I am not willing to rip off, kill, scam, cheat and lie for it. All too often it seems the majority of people and companies are willing to do this.

If everyone could be more tolerant of each other opinions, views, religions and mistakes then maybe some real progress could be made. Nearly all religions have their areas where inhuman acts on others can be justified and condoned. It is not just Islam that employs violence as a method of defending ideals, Christianity has also done more than it’s fair share of blood letting for God. In ancient times it was the Islamics that were the forward thinkers and the moderates in the World, while Christians were killing heathens and burning witches, Islam was accepting all religions under their wing provided they believed in A God. We all need to let bygones be bygones. There is no point harbouring a grudge for so long that it embitters your soul and drives you to violence.

Australia should sign the Kyoto treaty and start being proactive in the search for alternative fuels and energies. We have such a vast resource of land, wind and sun here that we could be World leaders in producing environmentally friendly energy. Many people say that nuclear energy is the answer….. I am not so sure, it only takes one disaster such as Chernobyl to cause such catastrophic effects that it is too risky. Anyone that says ‘well that was in Russia, in the west things are done properly’ you need only look at Coode Island, had that been a nuclear plant that went up in smoke we would all now be dead or seriously ill.

We are becoming such a throw away convenience led society that we are becoming apathetic and lazy, the ‘smarter’ our technologies become the worse we become. How many jobs are now gone, taken over by robots and machines. No wonder we have such high levels of unemployment and subservience to government handouts. People have little pride in their work anymore because it is loosing it’s value in terms of actually contributing something other than money for the CEO’s, shareholders and Owners.

Anyway, I don’t mean to sound like a miserable prick, but this is just my two cents worth. Feel free to leave comments and tell me your opinion.


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  1. Good writing!
    I totaly agree.

    Comment by fabby | October 3, 2006

  2. Wow, you covered a lot of territory in this post. I agree with everything you said.

    Comment by Manny | October 9, 2006

  3. I think it’s not so much of being tolerant of each other’s opinion, views, yadda yadda. Tolerance can only get us so far. There’s no stopping people from crossing over to intolerance when the situation arises, which is what’s happening these days.

    What we need is a better understanding of differing opinions and ways of doing things. Of course, this is easier said than done. A step in the right direction would be to realise there are two sides to a coin.

    Comment by rudeshock | October 11, 2006

  4. Choices. People make choices.

    Comment by Andrew | October 23, 2006

  5. It has gone too far,
    I would say Don’t fear the reaper and examime the future as to what we might become and forget what we are.

    Comment by John Whiting | January 1, 2007

  6. i agree with every thing you said and i wonder the same thing. I hate the entire human race i just dont see how being the smarted creatures on this planet could screw it up so bad and in so little time. it amazes me!

    Comment by cappy | September 28, 2007

  7. Someone please fix the world. OR I WILL!

    Comment by Henry | August 23, 2009

  8. This is more or less exactly what I’ve been thinking about lately. The question is, what do we do now? It seems we have maybe three choices. One, become part of this, act as if nothing is wrong, and try to persue this “American dream” of simply becoming rich. Two, run. Take what we can, give nothing back. Save ourselves. Three, make a stand. The other options seem so much easier and less frightening. But I would not feel human if I dind’t make my stand. That’s my decision. You’ve got the right ideas man, feel free to contact me or something.

    Comment by The Educator | October 24, 2009

  9. What would be great is to see your dedication to ideals play out in solutions and less on the obvious. What we perceive as the “Western Governments” corruption/capitalism being the problem…perhaps it is that people truly are greedy in their miserable lives of debt…could a financial education bring people around to active thinking when buying or selling. Could it teach the next gen to appreciate what is made and how it came to their front door (all the people involved to get said item delivered)? Perhaps all forms of government are correct and good, until you add the human element? Perfection in chaotic existence.

    Comment by Brood | April 27, 2010

  10. Seek GOD through our LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST rather than things of this world”

    Comment by Ben Stone | December 8, 2010

  11. Christianity is real, but man, and man made traditions have screwed up a simple message just like everything else they have tried to control.So my suggestion to you and all your readers is give JESUS a chance’What have you got to lose.He changed my life and he can do the same for you. GOD Bless everyone for we all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of GOD but he is willing to forgive each one of us romans 10:13-17

    Comment by Ben Stone | December 8, 2010

  12. I applaud you. You literally took the words out of my mouth. I applaud you.

    Comment by Rae | January 25, 2011

  13. True dat. It isn’t the world that is screwed up, but more the people who occupate it. SMH…

    Comment by Madigoo | February 27, 2012

  14. Do not blame God,in all his forms,for he gave his commandmants to the world to follow.Greed and power,which is fleeting,for all things die.These are the stuff with which the world runs. Ignorance,and fear,Are we all just waiting for the end of the world to happen?? How many millions of dollars truly makes one happy.We must as human beings on these planet we call Earth,reach out to eachother,feed the poor.Raise our children without fear.home the homeless,look after the sick,mental or physical.Do not abuse our animals,eachother,our earth. Is their really anyone out who can say we are not killing this planet,therefore ourselves??? We must direct our resources towards Space to get our needed resources,for it is vast,Build tolerence for eachothers believes, Power is abosulute and abosulute power corrupts.Change our ways,Start small,perhaps with an act of kindness,slowly build from there. Each building starts with the first shovel of earth to house us.Give Peace A Chance!!!

    Comment by Glen | April 26, 2012

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